New year, new approach to casual wear.

With the casualisation of mens fashion, amplified by COVID-19 lockdown, we have seen a big disruption in the mens style, men are no longer divided into the 'suits' and 'creatives' - almost all industries have been levelled by this change while sitting behind their laptops at home.

If you’re looking around the Zoom office or classroom right now, you can’t see anyone in an ironed shirt. Don’t worry. You can be excused for being late to the metaphorical party as long as you’re the best dressed when you get there.

Here at Jordi Valentine we understand that it can be difficult to leave the comfort of your sweatshirt or hoody. Perhaps you even forgot some basic wardrobe questions by now like ‘What pants match with this knit?’ ‘Do I wear a business shirt or t-shirt under the sweater?’ And who has time for these kind of questions?

What we’ve tried to do is take the difficulty out of casual wear by choosing knits that work with all the essentials in your wardrobe.

The upside of this trend is that casual wear is much easier to dress for life and all of its spontaneous moments we hope to get in 2021. And if not, we can definitely help you be the best dressed man in your Zoom classroom or meeting.